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AMC-UvA - 2003

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download 67922 Proefschrift: De betekenis van clienttevredenheid als indicator voor kwaliteit van zorg
H.R. Aarse (2003), p. 127
download 67263 Proefschrift: Aspects of health related quality of life in prostate cancer
G. van Andel (2003), p. 200
download 195705 Proefschrift: Balancing effector lymphocyte formation via CD27-CD70 interactions
R. Arens (2003), p. 127
download 86567 Proefschrift: Diagnosis and management of upper extremity deep vein thrombosis
H.J. Baarslag (2003), p. 107
download 195757 Proefschrift: Diagnostic research in perspective: examples of retrieval, synthesis and analysis
L.M. Bachmann (2003), p. 137
download 69775 Proefschrift: Operational research on tuberculosis control in Malawi
A. Banerjee (2003), p. 137
download 67046 Proefschrift: Aetiology and treatment of venous thromboembolism
I. Bank (2003), p. 196
download 86645 Proefschrift: Endoscopic biliary drainage
A.M. van Berkel (2003), p. 156
download 68083 Proefschrift: Diagnostic and therapeutic management of venous and arterial disease
E. Bernardi (2003), p. 206
10  download 70985 Proefschrift: The pivotal role of CTP synthetase in the metabolism of (deoxy)nucleosides in neuroblastoma
J. Bierau (2003), p. 136