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AMC-UvA - 1998

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 Proefschrift: The Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. Entrance to imprinted genes involved in growth regulation
J.M.A. Alders (1998)
 Proefschrift: Functional role of angiotensin II and AT1-receptor antagonist in human arteries and veins
J. Baan (1998)
 Proefschrift: The free energy of the Na+/Ca2+-exchanger and calcium homeostasis in cardiac myocytes
A. Baartscheer (1998), p. 127
 Proefschrift: Detection and clinical value of dysfunctional p53 tumor suppressor protein
I.O. Baas (1998)
 Proefschrift: Retroperitoneal endoscopic surgery
J.J.G. Bannenberg (1998)
 Proefschrift: Leprosy. Epidemiological studies of infection and disease
S.M. Beers (1998), p. 143
 Proefschrift: Anticoagulants and extracorporeal circuits. Pharmacokinetic and intervention studies
R.J.R. Beijering (1998)
 Proefschrift: Clinical decisions in patients with venous thromboembolism
A.G.M. van den Belt (1998)
 Proefschrift: Dose-response and concentration-effect relations of the long-acting beta2-agonist formoterol
B.T.J. van den Berg (1998), p. 175
10   Proefschrift: VIN III: aspects of etiology, diagnostics and treatment
M. van Beurden (1998), p. 137