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ACTA - 2010

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download 191481 Proefschrift: Aesthetic analysis of natural anterior teeth and their restoration with resin composites
S. Ardu (2010), p. 173
download 162068 Proefschrift: The masticatory system under varying functional load
T. Grünheid (2010), p. 135
download 186601 Proefschrift: Temporomandibular joint internal derangements: Diagnosis, mechanisms and risk factors, and prognosis
S.I. Kalaykova (2010), p. 136
download 186564 Proefschrift: Exploring the limitations of fibre-reinforced composite fixed dental prostheses: Fibres (un)limited
F. Keulemans (2010), p. 175
download 164973 Proefschrift: Child dental fear and quality of life
M.A. Klaassen (2010), p. 160
 Proefschrift: The response of the oral microcirculation to pharmacological and surgical interventions
D.M.J. Milstein (2010), p. 145
 Proefschrift: Influence of oral environmental factors on dental resin-based composites
S.H. Mirmohammadi (2010)
download 161790 Proefschrift: Periodontitis in twins : smoking, microbiological and immunological aspects
G.L. Torres de Heens (2010), p. 146
download 161431 Proefschrift: Pathological forms of dental anxiety : aetiology, prevalence and fear evoking aspects
F.M.D. Wubbe (2010), p. 177