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ACTA - 2007

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 Proefschrift: Towards a better understanding of zirconia based restorations
M.N.M. Aboushelib (2007), p. 232
download 40834 Proefschrift: Antimicrobial caries preventive strategies
V.A.M. Gerardu (2007), p. 135
download 53197 Proefschrift: Interactions between oral biofilm bacteria, Streptococcus mutans and Veillonella parvula
D. Kara (2007), p. 132
download 43595 Proefschrift: Architecture and mineralization of developing jaw bone and their mechanical consequences
L. Mulder (2007), p. 176
download 47408 Proefschrift: Myogenous temporomandibular disorder pain : diagnosis, etiology, motor consequences, and treatment follow-up
M.K.A. van Selms (2007), p. 163
download 47745 Proefschrift: Passive ultrasonic irrigation of the root canal
L.W.M. van der Sluis (2007), p. 170
download 43624 Proefschrift: Pain in pediatric dentistry
J. Versloot (2007), p. 167