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ACTA - 2004

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download 530614 Proefschrift: Clinical and laboratory evaluation of CAD/CAM All-ceramic crowns
C.M.C. Begazo (2004), p. 103
 Proefschrift: Salivary agglutinin. Structure and function
F.J. Bikker (2004)
download 71965 Proefschrift: Core build-up designs
H.P.B. Bolhuis (2004)
 Proefschrift: Local CT in dental radiography
A.N. van Daatselaar (2004)
download 72718 Proefschrift: Biofilm and dental caries : application of the constant depth film fermentor
D. Deng (2004), p. 107
download 73709 Proefschrift: Esthetic and bonding enhancements of tooth colored indirect restorations
A.A. El-Zohairy (2004)
download 87942 Proefschrift: Design parameters for all-ceramic dental crowns
N. de Jager (2004)
download 75060 Proefschrift: Myosin heavy chain composition of the human jaw muscles
J.A.M. Korfage (2004), p. 150
 Proefschrift: Simulation of dentinal fluid in dental research
A.R. Ozok (2004), p. 171
10  download 88067 Proefschrift: Mandibular reconstruction revisited; on modeling and fixation techniques of the fibular free flap
S.D. Strackee (2004), p. 125