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ACTA - 1999

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 Proefschrift: Salivary proteinase inhibitors and periodontitis: Cystatins in the defense against Porphyromonas gingivalis
M.F.J. Blankenvoorde (1999)
 Proefschrift: Pathogenesis of oral squamous cell carcinomas. Virological, immunological, oncogentic and clinicopathological aspects
I.M. Bravo de Faria Cruz (1999), p. 231
 Proefschrift: Osteogenic protein-1 in human bone regeneration
H.H.J. Groeneveld (1999)
 Proefschrift: Design and characterization of antimicrobial peptides based on salivary histatins
E.J. Helmerhorst (1999)
 Proefschrift: Antibiotic susceptibility in the subgingival microflora: Study on two periodontal infection models, the periodontal abscess and adult periodontitis
D. Herrera Gonzalez (1999)
 Proefschrift: Anterior Open Bite Deformity
Th.J.M. Hoppenreijs (1999), p. 278
download 472282 Proefschrift: Modulation of fibroblast activity by collagens
E.H.M. Kerkvliet (1999)
download 486793 Proefschrift: Jaw muscle size and bite force magnitude in relation to craniofacial morphology
M.C. Raadsheer (1999), p. 111
 Proefschrift: Developing procedures and quality assurance in dental radiography
K. Syriopoulos (1999)
10  download 474465 Proefschrift: Some issues in applied statistics in clinical restorative dental research
H. Tobi (1999)