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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2012

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download 358499 Dissertation: Prisoners of the international community: the legal position of persons detained at international criminal tribunals
D. Abels (2012), p. 1070
download 454124 Dissertation: Responsibility of hybrid public-private bodies under international law: A case study of global health public-private partnerships
L.C. Clarke (2012), p. 247
download 456094 Dissertation: Nationalism and private law in Europe
G. Comparato (2012), p. 286
 Dissertation: Unpacking precaution: a study on the application of the precautionary principle in the European Union
F.M. Fleurke (2012), p. xi, 258
download 459139 Dissertation: Sanctions in EU competition law: principles and practice
M.J. Frese (2012), p. xxxii, 304
download 357527 Dissertation: Search engine freedom: on the implications of the right to freedom of expression for the legal governance of Web search engines
J.V.J. van Hoboken (2012), p. 384
 Dissertation: The rule of law concept in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights
G.E.T. Lautenbach (2012), p. VII, 326
download 451330 Dissertation: Making sense of legal texts
E. de Maat (2012), p. iii, 173
download 454484 Dissertation: Harmonization of sanitary and phytosanitary standards in international trade: the case of the EU and the COMESA
O. Osiemo (2012), p. 8, 404
10   Dissertation: The decoupling of voting and economic ownership
M.C. Schouten (2012)