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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2009

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download 128415 Dissertation: De grondslagen van de ontslagvergoeding
A. Baris (2009), p. X, 273
download 136073 Dissertation: Legal theory, sources of law and the semantic web
A.W.F. Boer (2009), p. IV, 321
download 146360 Dissertation: Benchmarking carrots and sticks : developing a model for the evaluation of work-based employment programs
J. Castonguay (2009), p. 388
 Dissertation: The law and psychology of land tenure security : evidence from Buenos Aires
J.L. van Gelder (2009), p. XI, 206
download 144859 Dissertation: Ontology Representation : design patterns and ontologies that make sense
R.J. Hoekstra (2009), p. 241
 Dissertation: Non-discrimination in European and international economic law of public procurement : principle and practice
D. Kalogeras (2009), p. 339
download 528848 Dissertation: Evidentiary obligations in contemporary international litigation: with special reference to the practice of the World Trade Organization and the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
Z. Marossi (2009), p. V, 330
download 129596 Dissertation: Bedrijfsovername en milieurecht : een onderzoek naar juridische aspecten van bedrijfsovername en milieu
R. Mellenbergh (2009), p. xviii, 702
download 161593 Dissertation: The command responsibility doctrine in international criminal law and its applicability to civilian superiors
M.L. Nybondas-Maarschalkerweerd (2009), p. 293
10   Dissertation: Enige fiscale aspecten van de oudedagsreserve
E. Poelmann (2009), p. 224