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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2011

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 Dissertation: An acarine herbivore interferes with direct and indirect plant defences
R. de Almeida Sarmento (2011)
download 203186 Dissertation: Collaborative provenance for workflow-driven science and engineering
İ. Altıntaş (2011), p. xiv, 153
download 336591 Dissertation: Statistical properties of resonances in chaotic elastic cavities: time reversal invariance and feedback
O. Antoniuk (2011), p. 124
download 343868 Dissertation: Ambiguity detection for programming language grammars
H.J.S. Basten (2011), p. 142
download 339805 Dissertation: The endogenous repair capacity of the parkinsonian brain
S.A. van den Berge (2011), p. 149
download 208190 Dissertation: On the compilation of a parallel language targeting the self-adaptive virtual processor
T.A.M. Bernard (2011), p. x, 176
download 222324 Dissertation: Supramolecular encapsulation of a rhodium hydroformylation catalyst: a mechanistic study
V. Bocokic (2011), p. IV, 153
download 221360 Dissertation: Pleistocene centennial-scale vegetational, environmental and climatic change in the Colombian Andes: based on biotic and abiotic proxy analyses from Lake Fúquene sediments
R.G. Bogotá-Angel (2011), p. 144
download 341488 Dissertation: View-based mapping for wheeled robots
O. Booij (2011), p. 154
10  download 344461 Dissertation: The neural basis of structure in language: bridging the gap between symbolic and connectionist models of language processing
G. Borensztajn (2011), p. xv, 233