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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2009

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download 122334 Dissertation: Phase variation of type 1 fimbriae : a single cell investigation
A.M. Adiciptaningrum (2009), p. 103
download 155304 Dissertation: Querying XML : benchmarks and recursion
L. Afanasiev (2009), p. x, 235
download 147313 Dissertation: Modelling, simulation, and inferring regulatory networks
M. Ashyraliyev (2009), p. ii, 146
download 142814 Dissertation: RAM: array database management through relational mapping
A.R. van Ballegooij (2009), p. iii, 184
download 144330 Dissertation: Solid ‘oxygen reservoirs’ for selective hydrogen oxidation
J. Beckers (2009), p. 282
download 134498 Dissertation: Weak organic acid stress in Bacillus subtilis
A.S. ter Beek (2009), p. 204
download 152372 Dissertation: Respiratory electron transfer in Escherichia coli : components, energetics and regulation
M. Bekker (2009), p. 150
download 128975 Dissertation: Search for heavy resonances in the dimuon channel with the D0 detector
P.J. van den Berg (2009), p. vii, 133
download 153510 Dissertation: Biodiversity and phylogeography of Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean sponges
J.R. Bogalho Teixeira Xavier (2009), p. 186
10  download 159699 Dissertation: Monodentate, Supramolecular and Dynamic Phosphoramidite Ligands Based on Amino Acids in Asymmetric Hydrogenation Reactions
P.A.R. Breuil (2009), p. 133