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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2007

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download 53846 Dissertation: Systematics and biogeography of palearctic avifauna : evolution, hybridisation and secondary contact zones
M. Aliabadian (2007), p. 141
download 45176 Dissertation: Predators and the accessibility of herbivore refuges in plants
N.S. Aratchige (2007), p. 124
download 54726 Dissertation: High performance computational hemodynamics with the Lattice Boltzmann method
L. Axner (2007), p. 104
download 48537 Dissertation: Mating strategies in small ermine moths
A.C. Bakker (2007), p. 119
download 48643 Dissertation: On diffusion in zeolites : a simulation study
E. Beerdsen (2007), p. 198
download 44674 Dissertation: Motion in image sequences of living cells
C.B.J. Bergsma (2007), p. 126
 Dissertation: Natural attenuation of BTEX in a polluted aquifer. Give bugs a chance!
S. Botton (2007), p. 155
download 97725 Dissertation: Hyperbolic hypergeometric functions
F.J. van de Bult (2007), p. 231
 Dissertation: Descriptor modelling in homogeneous catalysis
E. Burello (2007), p. 131
10  download 54899 Dissertation: Quality of variant and invariant features
G.J. Burghouts (2007), p. iii, 124