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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2005

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 Dissertation: Identification and quantification of hazelnut allergens
J.H. Akkerdaas (2005), p. 176
 Dissertation: Core-functionalised carbosilane dendrimers as lactamisation tools
A. Amore (2005), p. 140
download 18421 Dissertation: Proton transfer and ligand exchange induced reactions in the gas phase
E.S.E. van Beelen (2005), p. 136
download 12741 Dissertation: Top quark pair production in proton antiproton collisions
F. Blekman (2005), p. 158
 Dissertation: Methods to improve quantitative and qualitative analysis of spectroscopic measurements
H.F.M. Boelens (2005), p. 149
download 22802 Dissertation: Integrable structure in low energy effective supersymmetric gauge theory
R.H. Boels (2005), p. 176
download 39646 Dissertation: Explaining behaviour: using qualitative simulation in interactive learning environments
A.J. Bouwer (2005), p. ix, 235
download 14801 Dissertation: Detection of neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts
M.C. Bouwhuis (2005), p. 122
download 13721 Dissertation: Structure determination of melamine phosphates from powder diffraction data with a new direct-space approach
V. Brodski (2005), p. 142
10  download 78220 Dissertation: Collective and collisional properties of the rubidium quantum gas
C. Buggle (2005), p. 133