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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1998

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 Dissertation: Chromatographic couplings for unraveling oil fractions.
J. Beens (1998)
 Dissertation: Taxonomie and Biogeography of African Fruit Bats (Mammalia, Megachiroptera)
W. Bergmans (1998)
 Dissertation: Glycosylation and anchoring of proteins in the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
M.A.A. van Berkel (1998), p. 103
 Dissertation: Mass transfer properties of biofilms
E.E. Beuling (1998)
 Dissertation: Thermochemical properties of Lanthania and Ceria mixed with Silica and Zirconia: chemical behaviour of lanthanum and cerium in molten core-concrete interactions
M. Bolech (1998)
 Dissertation: The hydrogenolysis of esters to alcohols over copper catalysts
D.S. Brands (1998)
 Dissertation: Coherent Structures and Statistical Mechanics in Two-Dimensional Flows
H. Brands (1998), p. 119
 Dissertation: Multiway analysis in the food industry. Models, algorithms and applications
R. Bro-Jorgensen (1998)
 Dissertation: Superfluid Phases in a Repulsive Fermi System and Liquid Helium Three
P. Brussaard (1998), p. 102
10   Dissertation: Natuur van het Gooi; kansen voor duurzaam behoud
W.J.J. Colaris (1998), p. 420