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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1996

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 Dissertation: Van Turnhoutervoorde tot Strienemonde. Ontginnings- en nederzettingsgeschiedenis van het noordwesten van het Maas-Schelde-Demergebied (400-1350)
(1996), p. 662
 Dissertation: The Exciting Properties of Novel Di- and Trinuclear Ru(E)(E')(CO)2(iPr-DAB) Complexes
M.P. Aarnts (1996)
 Dissertation: Structural Aspects and Reactions of Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes Containing Polyfunctional Ligands
H.A. Ankersmit (1996)
 Dissertation: Fine-grained parallelism in a lazy functional language
M. Beemster (1996)
 Dissertation: Synthesis, Reactivity and Catalytic Application of Palladacyclopentadienes Containing Bisnitrogen Ligands
R. van Belzen (1996)
 Dissertation: Mediterranean geoecosystems. Hierarchical organisation and degradation.
G.J.J. Bergkamp (1996), p. 238
 Dissertation: Cleaner production in practice: methodology development for environmental improvement of industrial production and evaluation of practical experiences
C.W.M. van Berkel (1996), p. 342
 Dissertation: Detection ofPlatinum-DNA adducts
F.A. Blommaert (1996), p. 155
 Dissertation: Biological control of the mango mealybug Rastrococcus invadens: tri-trophic interactions.
C. Boavida (1996), p. 121
10   Dissertation: Cicadas travelling by island: taxonomy and biogeography of Indo-Pacific cicadas
A.J. de Boer (1996)