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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1995

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 Dissertation: Mechanisms of formation and destruction of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -dibenzofurans in heterogeneous systems
R. Addink (1995)
 Dissertation: Mass spectrometric analysis of cellulose ethers
P.F.W. Arisz (1995)
 Dissertation: An exploration of thermal field-flow fractionation
A.C. van Asten (1995)
 Dissertation: Versatile coordination behaviour of Methylene-Bridged Bis(phosphinimines) and related compounds to Platinum (ii) and Palladium(II)
M.W. Avis (1995)
 Dissertation: Simplicial Quantum Gravity
B.V. de Bakker (1995), p. 160
 Dissertation: Palladium cluster catalyzed oxidative cyclizations in the synthesis of aminoalkenols and diamines
R.A.T.M. van Benthem (1995)
 Dissertation: The non-linear dynamics of technological developments: an exploration of telecommunications technology
G.S.W. Blauwhof (1995)
 Dissertation: High-momentum protons in $^{208}$Pb'
I. Bobeldijk (1995), p. 88
 Dissertation: On the perspectives of populations of the rare plant species Phyteuma nigrum
E. Boerrigter (1995)
10   Dissertation: Invasion of Varroa mites into honey bee brood cells
W.J. Boot (1995), p. 119