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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1994

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download 103775 Dissertation: Optical observations of close binary systems with a compact component
T. Augusteijn (1994), p. 159
 Dissertation: Determination of organ numbers during inflorescence development of Microseris (Asteraceae: Lactuceae)
J. Battjes (1994), p. 137
 Dissertation: Measurement of the proton structure function at HERA using the ZEUS detector
S. Bentvelsen (1994), p. 180
 Dissertation: Atomic hydrogen and the surface of liquid helium
J.J. Berkhout (1994)
 Dissertation: On the seasonal dynamics of Daphnia species in a shallow eutrophic lake.
M. Boersma (1994), p. 159
 Dissertation: Functional organization of the fish brainstem.
T.J. Bosch (1994), p. 238
 Dissertation: Food web relations of littoral macro- and meiobenthos.
W.J. van de Bund (1994), p. 106
 Dissertation: Negative ions in strong laser fields
M.D. Davidson (1994)
 Dissertation: Families of commuting difference operators
J.F. van Diejen (1994), p. 128
10   Dissertation: Dilatometry of heavy-fermion superconductors
N.H. van Dijk (1994)