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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2005

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download 13206 Dissertation: Reasoning processes in the development and maintenance of obsessive-compulsive disorder
F.J. Aardema (2005), p. 141
 Dissertation: From Islamism to post-Islamism: the transformation of the Jamaat-e-Islami in North India
I. Ahmad (2005), p. 365
download 102128 Dissertation: Parenting support in community settings : parental needs and effectiveness of the home-start program
J.J. Asscher (2005), p. 120
 Dissertation: Collective learning in small enterprise clusters. Skilled workers, labour market dynamics and knowledge accumulation in the Philippine furniture industry
N.P.C. Beerepoot (2005), p. 218
download 16401 Dissertation: Between fixing and forecasting : provincial Ahmedabad brokered into a bridgehead for globalization from below
H.M.J.C.F. Bekkers (2005), p. 297
 Dissertation: Trying to survive in time of poverty and AIDS: women and multiple partner sex in Malawi
F.H.M. van den Borne (2005), p. 385
download 196537 Dissertation: Multicultureel drama? : populair Nederlands televisiedrama, jeugd en etniciteit
J. de Bruin (2005), p. 216
 Dissertation: A theory of knowledge growth : network analysis of US patents, 1975-1999
G. Carnabuci (2005), p. 147
download 102063 Dissertation: Onder moeders paraplu? Determinanten en effecten van merkportfoliostrategieën
K.V.B. Cramer (2005), p. 212
10   Dissertation: Prevention and treatment of chronic posttraumatic stress disorder
A.A.P. van Emmerik (2005), p. 233