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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 1998

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 Dissertation: Changing security. Livelihood in the Mandara Mountains Region in North Cameroon
A. Andel (1998), p. 253
 Dissertation: One Sea, Three Contenders. Legal pluralism in the inshore fisheries of the Coromandel Coast, India
J.M. Bavinck (1998), p. 267
 Dissertation: Leerstijlen nader geanalyseerd
V.V. Busato (1998), p. 102
 Dissertation: Redrawing Boundaries of Solidarity?
J.E. Dolvik (1998)
 Dissertation: Personal initiative: Construct validation of a new concept of performance at work
D. Fay (1998), p. 169
 Dissertation: Being persuaded or persuading oneself: The influence of numerical support on attitudes and information processing
E.H. Gordijn (1998), p. 122
 Dissertation: Probleme der Mitgliedermobilisierung der gewerkschaften in Deutschland und Grossbrittannien
A. Hassel (1998)
 Dissertation: Cross-language processing and bilingual memory organization
A.G. van Hell (1998), p. 224
 Dissertation: Clinical Assessment for Psychotherapy; Qualitative-empirical and theoretical investigations
F.S. Helstone (1998), p. 142
10   Dissertation: Features and Attention in Vision. An analysis of electromagnetic brain responses
D.J. Heslenfeld (1998), p. 167