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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2002

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download 66489 Dissertation: Trade and foreign direct investment patterns: the case of Dutch agribusiness
S. van Berkum (2002), p. 233
download 62628 Dissertation: Essays on modeling nonlinear time series
P.T. de Bruin (2002), p. 133
download 65270 Dissertation: Representation and Structure: The Methodology of Econometric Models of Consumption
H.K. Chao (2002)
download 16583 Dissertation: Enkele beschouwingen naar aanleiding van de vertaling van het artikel Monopolie en monopolist door Condorcet
M.S. Claessen (2002), p. 275
download 61315 Dissertation: A term structure model of interest rates and forward premia: an alternative monetary approach
W.H. Daal (2002)
download 65308 Dissertation: Resisting reforms. A Resource-based perspective of collective action in the distribution of agricultural input and primary health services in the Couffo region, Benin
H. Dedehouanou (2002), p. 292
download 36095 Dissertation: The leading cities of the world and their competitive advantages. The perception of 'Citymakers'
H. Grosveld (2002), p. 235
download 530562 Dissertation: The informal sector in transition: Tax evasion in an institutional vacuum
K.N. Gërxhani (2002)
download 64578 Dissertation: On organization. Looking back on reengineering and ahead to learning
A. Huizing (2002), p. 197
10  download 65065 Dissertation: Public finance and human capital
B. Jacobs (2002), p. 283