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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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61  download 461560 Proefschrift: Insights into Nod factor signaling mediated by Medicago truncatula LysM receptor-like kinases, MtNFP and MtLYK3
A. Pietraszewska-Bogiel (2012), p. 190
62  download 351195 Proefschrift: Water interacting with interfaces, ions and itself
Ł. Piątkowski (2012), p. 174
63  download 351859 Proefschrift: On the fluorescence properties of chromophores near metallic nanostructures
M. Plugge (2012), p. 159
64  download 345546 Proefschrift: Muon performance studies in ATLAS towards a search for the Standard Model Higgs boson
E.F. van der Poel (2012), p. iii, 118
65  download 450499 Proefschrift: On the realizability of hardware microthreading. Revisiting the general-purpose processor interface: consequences and challenges
R.C. Poss (2012), p. xii, 371
66  download 462462 Proefschrift: Towards fast multidimensional separations in microfluidic devices
W.P. Pruim (2012), p. 107
67  download 455296 Proefschrift: Looking at life through molecular vibrations: biomedical applications of CARS spectro-microscopy
G. Rago (2012), p. 153
68  download 443613 Proefschrift: Muon signatures in ATLAS: A search for new physics in μ±μ± events
N.M. Ruckstuhl (2012), p. 8, 176
69   Proefschrift: Decomposing and regenerating syntactic trees
F. Sangati (2012), p. xii, 187
70  download 451264 Proefschrift: Magnetoelectric resonant metamaterial scatterers
I. Seršić (2012), p. 130