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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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51  download 455204 Proefschrift: Roles of phosphatidic acid and its protein targets in mediating cellular responses of plants to salinity
F. McLoughlin (2012), p. 160
52  download 363890 Proefschrift: Generalist predators, food web complexities and biological pest control in greenhouse crops
G.J. Messelink (2012), p. 148
53  download 452704 Proefschrift: Quantum integrable models out of equilibrium
J.J. Mossel (2012), p. 161
54  download 454344 Proefschrift: Measurements on top quark pairs in proton collisions recorded with the ATLAS detector
I. Mussche (2012), p. iv, 178
55  download 351140 Proefschrift: Learning the latent structure of translation
M. Mylonakis (2012), p. xv, 198
56  download 462544 Proefschrift: Phase transitions and interfaces in temperature-sensitive colloidal systems
V.Đ. Nguyễn (2012), p. 113
57  download 359008 Proefschrift: Towards optical amplification for silicon photonics
H.N. Ngô (2012), p. ii, 116
58  download 452610 Proefschrift: Muons in early ATLAS data: from first collisions to W+ W- production
J.P. Ottersbach (2012), p. vi, 149
59   Proefschrift: Element specific transfer from a parasite-fish host assemblage to children
E. Oyoo Okoth (2012), p. 131
60  download 444188 Proefschrift: Measurement of the atmospheric neutrino energy spectrum
D. Palioselitis (2012), p. iii, 168