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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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31  download 464872 Proefschrift: "Solving a piece of the puzzle". Reconstruction of millennial-scale environmental and climatic change in the northern Andes during the last glacial cycle: An integration of biotic and abiotic proxy-information
M.H.M. Groot (2012), p. 192
32  download 458349 Proefschrift: Orangutan diet: lessons from and for the wild
M.E. Hardus (2012), p. 144
33  download 443558 Proefschrift: Genomic regions under selection in crop-wild hybrids of lettuce: implications for crop breeding and environmental risk assessment
Y. Hartman (2012), p. 111
34  download 354589 Proefschrift: Perspectives on an integrated computer learning environment
A.J.P. Heck (2012), p. viii, 358
35  download 458370 Proefschrift: Light responses of bacteria: site-directed mutagenesis study of PYP & photo-inactivation of E. coli and B. subtilis
M. Hospes (2012), p. 152
36  download 452769 Proefschrift: (Q)SAR and other (non) testing data in integrated testing strategies using standardised weight of evidence criteria
E.M. Hulzebos (2012), p. 200
37  download 458429 Proefschrift: Dual-compartment microfluidic device for neuronal co-cultures: Design, implementation and validation
T.T. Kanagasabapathi (2012), p. 175
38  download 455237 Proefschrift: How birds weather the weather: avian migration in the mid-latitudes
M.U. Kemp (2012), p. viii, 207
39  download 352926 Proefschrift: Regularity properties and definability in the real number continuum: idealized forcing, polarized partitions, Hausdorff gaps and mad families in the projective hierarchy
Y.D. Khomskii (2012), p. xi, 136
40  download 358047 Proefschrift: Adjacent spin operator correlations in the Heisenberg spin chain
A.M. Klauser (2012), p. 102