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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2010

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11  download 189369 Proefschrift: One- and two-dimensional analysis of complex anionic mixtures
S.S. Brudin (2010), p. 152
12  download 188483 Proefschrift: Oxygen and temperature in relation to nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria: In the daily life of cyanobacteria
J. Compaoré (2010), p. 143
13  download 169769 Proefschrift: People’s responses to autonomous and adaptive systems
H.S.M. Cramer (2010), p. xii, 235
14  download 182234 Proefschrift: Flora, vegetation and ecology in the Venezuelan Andes: a case study of Ramal de Guaramacal
N.L. Cuello Alvarado (2010), p. 256
15  download 194514 Proefschrift: Exploring subluminous X-ray binaries
N.D. Degenaar (2010), p. ii, 198
16   Proefschrift: Human motion analysis with radar
P. van Dorp (2010), p. x, 188
17  download 172237 Proefschrift: Statistical mechanics and numerical modelling of geophysical fluid dynamics
S.B. Dubinkina (2010), p. iv, 106
18   Proefschrift: The temporal mind : observations on the logic of belief change in interactive systems
C.M.L. Dégremont (2010), p. viii, 222
19  download 162219 Proefschrift: Gamma-ray burst afterglows from jet simulation to light curve
H.J. van Eerten (2010), p. 117
20  download 168513 Proefschrift: Genetic regulatory networks inference : modeling, parameters estimation & model validation
Y. Fomekong-Nanfack (2010), p. xiv, 212