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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2009

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61  download 160190 Proefschrift: A game for the Borel functions
B.T. Semmes (2009), p. 63
62  download 144254 Proefschrift: Statistical data processing in clinical proteomics
S. Smit (2009), p. viii, 116
63   Proefschrift: Floating membranes : molecular structure and orientation at the water-lipid interface
M. Sovago (2009), p. 116
64   Proefschrift: Exophiala dermatitidis: an opportunistic pathogen emerging from the tropical rainforest
M. Sudhadham (2009), p. 129
65  download 134093 Proefschrift: Self-assembly, characterization and properties of novel poly-nuclear catalysts
B.H.G. Swennenhuis (2009), p. 187
66  download 126895 Proefschrift: Quantifiers in TIME and SPACE : computational complexity of generalized quantifiers in natural language
J.K. Szymanik (2009), p. xiv, 232
67  download 130944 Proefschrift: Magnetocalorics and magnetism in MnFe(P,Si,Ge) materials
D.C.T. Thanh (2009), p. 116
68  download 155488 Proefschrift: Feshbach resonances in ultracold mixtures of the fermionic quantum gases 6Li and 40K
T.G. Tiecke (2009), p. viii, 152
69  download 123363 Proefschrift: Volcanic ash soils in Andean ecosystems : unravelling organic matter distribution and stabilisation
F.H. Tonneijck (2009), p. 182
70  download 155573 Proefschrift: More than the sum of its parts : compact preference representation over combinatorial domains
J.D. Uckelman (2009), p. xiv, 230