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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2009

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51  download 129093 Proefschrift: Optical properties of Er-doped Si-based media
S. Minissale (2009), p. X, 110
52  download 145407 Proefschrift: On inter-organizational trust engineering in networked collaborations : modeling and management of rational trust
S.S. Msanjila (2009), p. vi, 196
53   Proefschrift: New Bounds for Geometric Packing and Coloring via Harmonic Analysis and Optimization
F.M. de Oliveira Filho (2009), p. 114
54  download 191693 Proefschrift: Accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars, from accretion disk to magnetic poles
A. Patruno (2009), p. vii, 198
55  download 154304 Proefschrift: Sulfonamido-phosphorus ligands and their applications in transition metal homogeneous catalysis
F.W. Patureau (2009), p. 195
56  download 122444 Proefschrift: Characterisation of polymeric network structures
R. Peters (2009), p. 214
57  download 146995 Proefschrift: Functional analysis of ZapA : keeping the one ring together
G.E.J. Ploeger (2009), p. 186
58  download 145575 Proefschrift: A temporal perspective on stress hormones and memory
Z. Pu (2009), p. 125
59  download 135919 Proefschrift: Corals through the light : phylogenetics, functional diversity and adaptive strategies of coral-symbiont associations over a large depth range
P. Rodrigues Frade (2009), p. 176
60  download 122795 Proefschrift: Fluid models for QoS provisioning in communication networks
F. Roijers (2009), p. v, 195