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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2009

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31  download 133601 Proefschrift: Front interactions in a three-component system
P.J.A. van Heijster (2009), p. X, 201
32  download 142392 Proefschrift: Topological strings and quantum curves
L. Hollands (2009), p. 300
33   Proefschrift: A measurement of the mass of the top quark using the ideogram technique
P.W.H. Houben (2009), p. 130
34  download 155333 Proefschrift: "Now that you mention it, I wonder..." : Awareness, attention, assumption
S.T. de Jager (2009), p. xii, 186
35  download 128708 Proefschrift: High precision radio pulsar timing
G.H. Janssen (2009), p. II, 112
36  download 147034 Proefschrift: The role of the F-Box protein Frp1 in pathogenicity of fusarium oxysporum
W. Jonkers (2009), p. 137
37  download 126742 Proefschrift: On a unified description of non-abelian charges, monopoles and dyons
L. Kampmeijer (2009), p. xii, 156
38  download 155421 Proefschrift: Precision holography and its applications to black holes
I. Kanitscheider (2009), p. x, 259
39  download 152453 Proefschrift: A study on giant radio pulses
R. Karuppusamy (2009), p. ii, 135
40  download 143447 Proefschrift: A closer look at learning relations from text
S. Katrenko (2009), p. xvii, 222