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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2008

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41  download 107482 Proefschrift: A virtual reactor for simulation of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
V.V. Krzhizhanovskaya (2008), p. 116
42  download 96217 Proefschrift: Employing epigenetics to augment protein expression in mammalian cells
T.H.J. Kwaks (2008), p. 168
43  download 97324 Proefschrift: DNA damage tolerance : from error free UV-damage bypass to mutagenesis of immunoglobulin genes
P. Langerak (2008), p. 103
44  download 115114 Proefschrift: The ventral striatum in goal-directed behavior and sleep: intrinsic network dynamics, motivational information and relation with the hippocampus
C.S. Lansink (2008), p. 191
45  download 111757 Proefschrift: Proton transfer in the photocycle of the photoactive yellow protein
E.J.M. Leenders (2008), p. vi, 136
46  download 114904 Proefschrift: Multi-scale interactions between soil, vegetation and erosion in the context of agricultural land abandonment in a semi-arid environment
J.P. Lesschen (2008), p. 155
47  download 109229 Proefschrift: Queueing models for bandwidth-sharing disciplines
P.M.D. Lieshout (2008), p. 205
48  download 116637 Proefschrift: Molecular simulation studies of adsorption and diffusion : phenomena of gases in porous materials
B. Liu (2008), p. 134
49  download 97539 Proefschrift: Changing for the better : preference dynamics and agent diversity
F. Liu (2008), p. 198
50  download 93857 Proefschrift: Color changes and chemical reactivity in seventeenth-century oil paintings
A. van Loon (2008), p. 261