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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2008

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11  download 119697 Proefschrift: Computational methods to study strongly-binding polymer-colloid systems
B. Bozorgui (2008), p. VIII, 101
12  download 98217 Proefschrift: The Antares neutrino telescope : performance studies and analysis of first data
R. Bruijn (2008), p. x, 152
13  download 116857 Proefschrift: Topic driven access to scientific handbooks
C. Caracciolo (2008), p. xv, 149
14  download 106408 Proefschrift: The spectra of supersymmetric states in string theory
M.C. Cheng (2008), p. vii, 254
15  download 118219 Proefschrift: Looking for logic in all the wrong places: An investigation of language, literacy and logic in reasoning
M.E. Counihan (2008), p. 273
16  download 126716 Proefschrift: Mathematical modeling of metal ion homeostasis and signaling systems
J. Cui (2008), p. iv, 142
17  download 113977 Proefschrift: Multi-wavelength analyses of gamma-ray bursts: Features of Swift GRBs and the blast wave model
P.A. Curran (2008), p. iii, 169
18   Proefschrift: Secrets in xylem : function, gene expression and processing of SIXI : a Fusarium oxysporum effector protein encoded on a mobile pathogenicity chromosome
H.C. van der Does (2008), p. 170
19  download 97517 Proefschrift: Water in confinement : ultrafast dynamics of water in reverse micelles
A.M. Dokter (2008), p. 141
20  download 106668 Proefschrift: Synthesis and Application of Nano-Structured Metal Catalysts
L. Durán Páchon (2008), p. 113