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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2007

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31  download 54981 Proefschrift: Pinning of magnetic domains, studied with resonant x-rays
S.J.P. Konings (2007), p. viii, 127
32  download 92957 Proefschrift: Community ecology and logging responses of Southeast Asian woodpeckers (Picidae, Aves)
J.M. Lammertink (2007), p. 139
33   Proefschrift: From 1D to 3D : relating transcription with the three dimensional organisation of the mammalian genome
J.M. Langerak (2007), p. 142
34  download 92983 Proefschrift: Effects of climate change and human impact on late-Holocene species composition and carbon accumulation in bog ecosystems
M. van der Linden (2007), p. 224
35  download 42388 Proefschrift: Synthesis of GTP analogues and evaluation of their effect on the antibiotic target FtsZ and its eukaryotic homologue tubulin
T. L├Ąppchen (2007), p. 167
36  download 48873 Proefschrift: Cinchona-derived organocatalysts for asymmetric carbon-carbon bond formation
T. Marcelli (2007), p. 116
37  download 54978 Proefschrift: Lake Tanganyika crabs : evolution, ecology, and implications for conservation
S.A.E. Marijnissen (2007), p. 187
38  download 47628 Proefschrift: Stereo and colour vision techniques for autonomous vehicle guidance
W. van der Mark (2007), p. 177
39  download 54798 Proefschrift: Theoretical studies of the infrared emission properties of proto-planetary disks
J. Meijer (2007), p. 176
40   Proefschrift: How Saccharomyces cerevisiae copes with heat stress : an experimental and theoretical study
F.I.C. Mensonides (2007), p. 148