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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2007

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11   Proefschrift: Statistical inference through data compression
R.L. Cilibrasi (2007), p. 200
12  download 44851 Proefschrift: The polarization of Lambda\0 hyperons in quasi-real photoproduction
M. Demey (2007), p. 144
13  download 52140 Proefschrift: Efficient Implementation of Geometric Algebra
D.H.F. Dijkman (2007), p. viii, 229
14  download 47025 Proefschrift: Exploiting spatial information for image segmentation and retrieval
A. Diplaros (2007), p. 98
15  download 45897 Proefschrift: Multi-level optimization. Space mapping and manifold mapping
D. Echeverría Ciaurri (2007), p. 140
16  download 43597 Proefschrift: The ATLAS muon spectrometer : calibration and pattern recognition
N. van Eldik (2007), p. 147
17   Proefschrift: Plant-predator mutualism through leaf domatia : benefits to both partners?
J.A.M. Ferreira (2007), p. 88
18  download 51137 Proefschrift: Permanent magnetic atom chips and Bose-Einstein condensation
R. Gerritsma (2007), p. viii, 103
19   Proefschrift: The development of supramolecular ligand libraries and their application in asymmetric catalysis
P.E. Goudriaan (2007), p. 167
20   Proefschrift: High-resolution spectroscopy of excited states as a probe for electronic coupling and photoactive biomolecular function
M. de Groot (2007), p. viii, 80, 136