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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2006

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61   Proefschrift: Plasticity of heterochromatin in Arabidopsis
F.G. Tessadori (2006), p. 139
62  download 18448 Proefschrift: Nanocluster catalysed C-C coupling reactions
M.B. Thathagar (2006), p. 158
63   Proefschrift: Pliocene-Pleistocene evolution of flora, vegetation and climate : a palynological and sedimentological study of a 586-m core from the Bogotá Basin, Colombia
V. Torres Torres (2006), p. 181
64  download 37776 Proefschrift: Stabilization by competing instability mechanisms
N.J.M. Valkhoff (2006), p. 159
65  download 468814 Proefschrift: Floral scent production by Petunia hybrida
J.C. Verdonk (2006), p. 121
66  download 36871 Proefschrift: Statistical process control in non-standard situations
M.B. Vermaat (2006), p. 99
67   Proefschrift: Visualisation of polyphosphoinositide dynamics in living plant cells
J.E.M. Vermeer (2006), p. 177
68  download 20363 Proefschrift: Timing of FtsQ midcell localisation and its interaction with other cell division proteins
T.M.F. Vinkenvleugel (2006), p. 166
69  download 18442 Proefschrift: Object detection and segmentation for visual surveillance
P.J. Withagen (2006), p. 164
70  download 22082 Proefschrift: Population persistence in the face of size-dependent predation and competition interactions
K.E. van de Wolfshaar (2006)