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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2006

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41  download 18461 Proefschrift: Kolmogorov Complexity and formula size lower bounds
T.J. Lee (2006), p. 169
42   Proefschrift: Paints quantified. Image analytical studies of preparatory grounds used by van Gogh
B. Marino (2006), p. 287
43   Proefschrift: Phosphorus-functionalised calixarenes : coordination properties and catalytic applications of new bulky bidentate ligands
A. Marson (2006), p. 166
44   Proefschrift: X-ray and optical spectroscopy of high-mass X-ray binaries
A. van der Meer (2006), p. 166
45  download 37790 Proefschrift: Improvement of the life cycle assessment methodology for dwellings
A. Meijer (2006), p. 150
46  download 22081 Proefschrift: The physical properties of early-type massive stars
M.R. Mokiem (2006), p. 270
47  download 39637 Proefschrift: Interactive image search using similarity-based visualization
G.P. Nguyen (2006), p. 126
48  download 19543 Proefschrift: Serotonergic modulation of dopamine and GABA inputs to A9 and A10 dopamine neurons and its role in antipsychotic drug efficacy
J.E. Olijslagers (2006), p. 160
49  download 30843 Proefschrift: Statistical mechanics of static granular matter
S. Ostojic (2006), p. 159
50  download 36497 Proefschrift: Numerical analysis of phytoplankton dynamics
N.N. Pham Thi (2006), p. 125