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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2003

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81  download 68963 Proefschrift: Generic traversal over typed source code representations
J.M.W. Visser (2003), p. 186
82  download 195795 Proefschrift: Dual perspectives on extended objects in string theory.
M. Vonk (2003), p. 215
83  download 68555 Proefschrift: Explorations of the systematics and deep history of stygobiont amphipods
R. Vonk (2003)
84  download 70678 Proefschrift: Statistical Models for the Precision of Categorical Measurement
W.N. van Wieringen (2003), p. 96
85  download 86747 Proefschrift: Feature grammar systems. Incremental maintenance of indexes to digital media warehouses
M.A. Windhouwer (2003)
86  download 70167 Proefschrift: Quantum optics and multiple scattering in dielectrics
M. Wubs (2003), p. 173
87  download 69695 Proefschrift: On the nature of heavy-fermion behaviour and high-field dilatation experiments
U. Wyder (2003), p. 274
88  download 69401 Proefschrift: Laser desorption mass spectrometric studies of artists' organic pigments.
N. Wyplosz (2003)
89  download 68540 Proefschrift: Experimental Study of Nanoscale Exchange Coupling
Q. Xiao (2003), p. 114
90  download 68420 Proefschrift: Error Estimation and Pattern Recognition Techniques in Protein Crystallography
P. Zwart (2003), p. 82