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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2003

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11  download 69485 Proefschrift: Mapping and Localization from a Panoramic Vision Sensor
R. Bunschoten (2003), p. 128
12  download 69558 Proefschrift: Molecular dynamics in thin glassy films
E. Cecchetto (2003)
13  download 91655 Proefschrift: From Be/X-ray binaries to double neutron stat systems
J.D.M. Dewi (2003)
14  download 87506 Proefschrift: The coral genus Madracis. Speciation in corals and their symbionts
O.E. Diekmann (2003), p. 110 (?)
15  download 69938 Proefschrift: Phosphate uptake proteins as markers for the nutrient status of freshwater cyanobacteria
M. Dignum (2003), p. 189
16  download 195995 Proefschrift: Scientific analysis of historical paint and the implications for art history and art conservation. The case studies of naples yellow and discoloured smalt.
J. Dik (2003), p. 159
17  download 87283 Proefschrift: Photoinduced processes in dendrimers
A. Dirksen (2003)
18  download 70727 Proefschrift: Structure determination of Fe(II) spin-crossover complexes from powder diffraction data with direct-space methods
E. Dova (2003), p. 218
19  download 70118 Proefschrift: Psychology of entertainment
K. van Driel (2003)
20  download 68918 Proefschrift: Gelatine sizing of paper and its impact on the degradation of cellulose during aging: a study using size-exclusion chromotography
C. Dupont (2003), p. 256