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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2001

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21  download 60949 Proefschrift: The role of yeast NAD+-isocitrate dehydrogenase in mitochondrial translation
S.D.J. Elzinga (2001), p. 110
22  download 59664 Proefschrift: How counter-attacking prey influence foraging and oviposition decisions of a predatory mite
F. Faraji (2001), p. 76
23  download 85518 Proefschrift: Polysemy or monosemy: Interpretation of the imperative and the dative-infinitive construction in Russian
E.L.J. Fortuin (2001), p. 522
24  download 59417 Proefschrift: Genetic conflicts between Cytosplasmic bacteria and their Mite Host
F. de Freitas Vala Salvador (2001), p. 111
25  download 59251 Proefschrift: Federated Information Management for virtual enterprises
C.O. Garita Rodriguez (2001)
26  download 58381 Proefschrift: Class fields by Shimura reciprocity
A.C.P. Gee (2001), p. 96
27  download 60011 Proefschrift: Insects in polluted rivers: an experimental analysis
H.G. van der Geest (2001), p. 152
28  download 58731 Proefschrift: Dendrimers as homogeneous transition metal catalysts.
D. de Groot (2001)
29  download 445989 Proefschrift: Molecular characterization of human polycomb group complexes
M.J. Gunster (2001), p. 154
30  download 85182 Proefschrift: Logics for OO information systems: a semantic study of object orientation from a categorial substructural perspective
E. de Haas (2001)