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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2001

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11  download 60293 Proefschrift: Molecular changes in egg tempera paint dosimeters as tools to monitor the museum environment
O.F. van den Brink (2001)
12  download 57996 Proefschrift: Balancing between respiration and fermentation: Transcriptional regulation of respiratory glucose metabolism in yeast
J.F. Brons (2001), p. 155
13  download 446363 Proefschrift: Mechanically induced chemical and structural changes in materials
H.L. Castricum (2001), p. 159
14  download 92019 Proefschrift: On the Origin of the Hard-X-Ray Spectra from Neutron Stars and Black Holes
B. Deufel (2001), p. 100
15  download 60420 Proefschrift: Physiological functions of hexose transport and hexose phosphorylation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
J.A. Diderich (2001), p. 154
16  download 58167 Proefschrift: Bose-Einstein condensation with high atom number in a deep magnetic trap
K. Dieckmann (2001), p. 122
17  download 445823 Proefschrift: Palladium mediated synthesis of N-heterocycles by iminoannulation of allenes.
J.J.H. Diederen (2001), p. 165
18  download 60698 Proefschrift: Soil erosion and associated sediment supply to rivers
P.M. van Dijk (2001), p. 211
19  download 59678 Proefschrift: How predatory arthropods learn to use herbivore-induced plant volatiles. Evidence from behavioural experiments and the field
B. Drukker (2001), p. 115
20   Proefschrift: Establishment and Development of Epiphytes in Secondary Neotropical Forests
H.J.F van Dunné (2001)