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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2001

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91  download 33021 Proefschrift: Quantum Computing and Communication Complexity
R.M. de Wolf (2001), p. 205
92  download 196854 Proefschrift: Inelastic bouncing and optical trapping of cold atoms
B.Th. Wolschrijn (2001)
93  download 14441 Proefschrift: Photoinduced dynamics in hydrogen-bonded rotaxanes.
G.W.H. Wurpel (2001), p. 143
94  download 197168 Proefschrift: Plasmic fabric analysis of glacial sediments using quantitative image analysis methods and GIS techniques
K. Zaniewski (2001), p. 219
95  download 60251 Proefschrift: Martingales and diffusions, limit theory and statistical inference
J.H. van Zanten (2001)
96  download 57736 Proefschrift: Adhesion and agglomeration of catalyst particles in three phase reactors
M. van der Zon (2001)
97  download 60731 Proefschrift: Solvolysis of Palladium-Carbon Bonds in Palladium(II) Complexes containing Diphosphine Ligands.
M.A. Zuideveld (2001)
98  download 61188 Proefschrift: X-ray waveguiding studies of ordering phenomena in confined fluids
M.J. Zwanenburg (2001)