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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2000

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61  download 57139 Proefschrift: Sigma-Bond-to-Ligand Charge Transfer Transitions and Excited States of d6 Metal-Diimine Complexes.
J. van Slageren (2000)
62  download 82706 Proefschrift: Impact of grazing on carbon and nutrient cycling in a grass-encroached Scots pine forest
A. Smit (2000), p. 101
63  download 195211 Proefschrift: The dynamics of cell wall biogenesis in yeast
G.J. Smits (2000), p. 136
64  download 84035 Proefschrift: Solar and anthropogenic forcing of late-Holocene vegetation changes in the Czech Giant Mountains
A.O.M. Speranza (2000), p. 127
65  download 195131 Proefschrift: Role antitumor lipids in cell-cell adhesion and invasion
W.F.A. Steelant (2000), p. 109
66  download 196772 Proefschrift: Robust photometric invariance in machine color vision
H.M.G. Stokman (2000)
67  download 195256 Proefschrift: The role of ceramide in apoptosis
A.D. Tepper (2000), p. 159
68  download 83659 Proefschrift: Photoluminescence spectroscopy on erbium-doped and porous silicon
D.T.X. Thao (2000)
69  download 57156 Proefschrift: Statistical process control in practice: Let's make it better
A. Trip (2000), p. 85
70  download 81685 Proefschrift: E.W. Beth als logicus
P. van Ulsen (2000)