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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2000

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21  download 82252 Proefschrift: Heat effects of magnetic phase transitions in intermetallic compounds
I.E.H.M Hagmusa (2000)
22  download 2621 Proefschrift: A modular structure for scientific articles in an electronic environment
F.A.P. Harmsze (2000), p. 253
23  download 83264 Proefschrift: Memory in Neural Networks and Glasses
M. Heerema (2000), p. 125
24  download 55299 Proefschrift: ATLAS muon reconstruction from a C++ perspective: a road to the Higgs
P.J. Hendriks (2000), p. 141
25  download 83423 Proefschrift: New Experimental Methods for Perturbation Crystallography.
G.W.J.C. Heunen (2000)
26  download 82819 Proefschrift: Investigations on the CO2 concentrating mechanism of two green algae
E. van Hunnik (2000), p. 108
27  download 56237 Proefschrift: Metal induced succession in benthic diatom consortia
N. Ivorra i Castella (2000), p. 163
28  download 83823 Proefschrift: Quantifying sources of variation in process analytical measurements
R.H. Jellema (2000)
29  download 92005 Proefschrift: On the origin of cyclical variability in the winds of massive stars
J.A. de Jong (2000)
30  download 55161 Proefschrift: A logical approach to computational theory building : with applications to sociology
J. Kamps (2000), p. 195