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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1999

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71  download 474449 Proefschrift: Modeling non-point source pollutants in soil: Applications to the leaching and accumulation of pesticides and cadmium
A. Tiktak (1999), p. 224
72  download 474481 Proefschrift: Monitoring and modelling hydrological fluxes in support of nutrient cycling studies in Amazonian rain forest ecosystems
C. Tobon-Marin (1999), p. 168
73  download 474539 Proefschrift: Enantioselective oxygen-transfer reactions catalyzed by peroxidases
A. Tuynman (1999)
74  download 474555 Proefschrift: New ligands for selective hydroformylation: Unravelling the bite angle effect
L.A. van der Veen (1999)
75  download 474653 Proefschrift: Beyond Compliance. Environmental Management and Toxics Reduction in Practice
A.H. Verschoor (1999), p. 185
76  download 474775 Proefschrift: Dijet photoproduction at high tranverse energies
J.H. Vossebeld (1999), p. 123
77  download 474847 Proefschrift: Aeolian transport of nourishment sand in beach-dune environments
D. van der Wal (1999), p. 155
78  download 474865 Proefschrift: Fleeting images dynamics of North Sea ray populations
P.A. Walker (1999)
79   Proefschrift: Effects of thrips feeding on tospovirus transmission in chrysanthemum
F. van de Wetering (1999)
80  download 475074 Proefschrift: Explorations in efficient reinforcement learning
M. Wiering (1999)