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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1999

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51  download 473087 Proefschrift: The use of forced oscillations in heterogeneous catalysis
F.J.R. van Neer (1999)
52  download 473162 Proefschrift: Human-computer interaction in medial image analysis
S.D. Olabarriaga (1999)
53  download 473224 Proefschrift: Cohomological Field Theories on Complex Manifolds
J.S Park (1999), p. 165
54  download 473285 Proefschrift: Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones
D.G.I. Petra (1999)
55  download 473542 Proefschrift: The effect of food quantity and food quality on Daphnia: morphology of feeding structures and life history.
S.H. Repka (1999), p. 80
56  download 473625 Proefschrift: Laser desorption analyses in trapped ion mass spectrometry systems
G.J. van Rooij (1999)
57  download 473745 Proefschrift: Weathering in forest soils
C. van der Salm (1999), p. 286
58  download 473817 Proefschrift: Magnetotransport of low dimensional semiconductor and graphite based systems
R.T.F. van Schaijk (1999), p. 151
59  download 473846 Proefschrift: Biochemical aspects of the cell wall of Fusarium oxysporum
E.A.M. Schoffelmeer (1999), p. 108
60  download 473861 Proefschrift: Parallel complex systems simulation
A. Schoneveld (1999), p. iv, iv, 192