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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1999

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11  download 517003 Proefschrift: Synthesis of beta-carbolines as potential serotonine receptor ligands
B.E.A. Burm (1999)
12   Proefschrift: Algebraic and analytic aspects of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation
G. Carnovale (1999)
13  download 470538 Proefschrift: Regulation of xylose and alpha-xyloside transport and metabolism in Lactobacilli
S. Chaillou (1999)
14  download 470604 Proefschrift: Measurement of the Tau Lepton Lifetime
A.P. Colijn (1999), p. 117
15  download 470620 Proefschrift: Mechanism and consequences of slow desorption of organic compounds from sediments
G. Cornelissen (1999)
16   Proefschrift: Visual navigation on optical flow
A. Dev (1999)
17  download 470798 Proefschrift: Molecular studies of fresh and aged triterpenoid varnishes
G.A. van Doelen (1999)
18  download 470868 Proefschrift: Thermal stability of magnetoresistive materials
J. van Driel (1999), p. 115
19   Proefschrift: Spatial modelling and monitoring of natural landscapes with cases in the Amsterdam Waterworks dunes
W.J. Droesen (1999), p. 163
20   Proefschrift: Flux Pinning by Extended Defects in Layered Superconductors - vortex properties of heavy-ion irridiated and Ti-doped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O 8 + delta
R.J. Drost (1999)