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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1997

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71   Proefschrift: On Models for Diffusion Kinetics and Vibrational Entropy in Solids
C. Tuijn (1997)
72   Proefschrift: Neutral meson production in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions
C.J.W. Twenhofel (1997), p. 137
73   Proefschrift: Algebraic Specification of Visual Languages
S.M. Uskudarli (1997)
74   Proefschrift: Parallelism in the numerical solution of ordinary and implicit differential equations
W.A. van der Veen (1997)
75   Proefschrift: Discrete Time Process Algebra
J.J. Vereijken (1997)
76   Proefschrift: The Trees and the Forest - The role of tree architecture in canopy development; a case study in secondary forests (Araracuara, Colombia)
H.F.M. Vester (1997), p. 182
77   Proefschrift: A thermodynamic and spectroscopic study of inorganic and organometallic compounds related to nuclear safety
M. van der Vis (1997), p. 144
78   Proefschrift: Syntax Definition for Language Prototyping
E. Visser (1997)
79   Proefschrift: Dimer radical cations in the gas-phase
S.P. de Visser (1997)
80   Proefschrift: Rydberg atoms in intense electromagnetic radiation
R.B. Vrijen (1997)