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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1997

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61   Proefschrift: Azasugars, Synthesis and Evaluation as glucosidase Inhibitors
H.S. Overkleeft (1997)
62   Proefschrift: Chemically linking past and present: comparative studies of chars and resins
I. Pastorova (1997), p. 138
63   Proefschrift: Probabilistic and Transformation based Query Optimization
J. Pellenkoft (1997)
64   Proefschrift: Evaporatively-Cooled Atomic Hydrogen Investigated by One- and Two-Photon Optical Methods
P.J.M. Pinkse (1997)
65   Proefschrift: Dissipation in quantum optics and the generalized master equation
R.W.F. van der Plank (1997), p. 135
66   Proefschrift: Magnetism in uranium intermetallic compounds
K. Prokes (1997)
67   Proefschrift: Interaction of funtional units in metalbolism. Control and regulation of the bacterial phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase system
J.M. Rohwer (1997)
68   Proefschrift: A study of intramolecular dynamics using Time-resolved spectroscopy and electron-ion coincidence techniques
L.C. Snoek (1997)
69  download 91797 Proefschrift: Magneto-Hydrodynamics of Mass Accretion in Close Binary Systems and Protostars
R. Stehle (1997), p. 114
70   Proefschrift: PSIDE: Parallel software for implicit differential equations
J.J.B. de Swart (1997)