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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1997

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51   Proefschrift: Composition and structure of the internal nuclear matrix
K.A. Mattern (1997)
52   Proefschrift: Coordinating multiset transformers
H.E. McEvoy (1997)
53   Proefschrift: The inward potassium rectifier and bistability in the resting membrane potential of skeletal muscle cells
H.G.J. van Mil (1997), p. 121
54   Proefschrift: Foundations of functional integration and the Schwinger-Dyson equation
C.O.B. de Mirleau (1997)
55   Proefschrift: Electron-induced neutron knock-out from the 4He nucleus
A. Misiejuk (1997), p. 90
56   Proefschrift: Spatial organisation of ribosomal RNA genes in root meristems as studied by confocal microscopy
M. Montijn (1997), p. 107
57   Proefschrift: Aspects of Integrable and Conformal Field Theories
M. Moriconi (1997), p. 81
58   Proefschrift: Monte Carlo simulations of the orientational behavior of solid nitrogen at high pressure
A. Mulder (1997)
59   Proefschrift: Phospholipid metabolism with respect to signal transduction in plants
T. Munnik (1997), p. 192
60   Proefschrift: Interactive analysis of 3D microscope images
H.J. Noordmans (1997)