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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1995

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31   Proefschrift: Macroevolutionary patterns within the Demosponge Poecilosclerida
E. Hajdu (1995)
32   Proefschrift: Changing Normality. Pregnancy and Scientific Knowledge Claims 1920-1950, with Special Reference to the United States
H.J. Hiddinga (1995), p. 242
33   Proefschrift: Photoactive yellow protein. A new family of eubacterial blue-light photoreceptors.
W.D. Hoff (1995)
34   Proefschrift: Effects of burning and grazing on a Colombian paramo ecosystem
R.G.M. Hofstede (1995), p. 199
35   Proefschrift: Three-dimensional analysis of mitotic prophase chromosomes
A. Houtsmuller (1995), p. 136
36  download 103871 Proefschrift: Photometric Observations of Faint Cataclysm Variables
S.B. Howell (1995)
37   Proefschrift: Electrochemical detection in liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis using electrodes modified with electrocatalysts
X. Huang (1995)
38   Proefschrift: Mass transfer phenomena in heterogeneous biological systems
J.W. Huisman (1995)
39   Proefschrift: On quantum plasmas
P. John (1995), p. 118
40   Proefschrift: Ecology of mature and recovering Talamancan montane Quercus forests
M. Kappelle (1995), p. 270