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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2009

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31  download 135243 Proefschrift: Food safety : a matter of taste? Food safety policy in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and at the level of the European Union
K.T. Paul (2009), p. X, 389
32  download 142217 Proefschrift: Living in concentrated poverty
F.M. Pinkster (2009), p. 163
33  download 133493 Proefschrift: Teaching in diversity : teachers and pupils about tense situations in ethnically heterogeneous classes
H. Radstake (2009), p. VIII, 157
34  download 135785 Proefschrift: Because of temptations : children, sex and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
M.A.J. van Reeuwijk (2009), p. VII, 225
35   Proefschrift: Coconuts, gangsters and rainbow fighters : how male youngsters navigate situations of violence in Cape Town, South Africa
M. Rosenkrantz Lindegaard (2009), p. 441
36  download 125873 Proefschrift: Working gendered boundaries : temporary migration experiences of Bangladeshi women in the Malaysian export industry from a multi-sited perspective
A.M. Rudnick (2009), p. 316
37  download 128473 Proefschrift: Lees- en spellingvaardigheden van brugklassers
G.M. Schijf (2009), p. VIII, 352
38  download 148430 Proefschrift: School leadership : perceptions and actions
G. Schmidt (2009), p. 270
39  download 152772 Proefschrift: A model-based analysis of the development of learning
V.D. Schmittmann (2009), p. 200
40  download 126739 Proefschrift: Trade unions and the work-family balance
K.P.A.B. Schreuder (2009), p. x, 186