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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2009

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21  download 133512 Proefschrift: Commuter partnerships : balancing home, family, and distant work
M. van der Klis (2009), p. 160
22  download 128611 Proefschrift: "Three views of a secret": Containment of industrial conflict in neo-liberal environments
R.G. Kocer (2009), p. X, 313
23  download 142684 Proefschrift: Creating space for fishermen’s livelihoods : Anlo-Ewe beach seine fishermen’s negotiations for livelihood space within multiple governance structures in Ghana
M.L. Kraan (2009), p. xx, 335
24  download 144805 Proefschrift: Non-timber forest product trade : a trade-off between conservation and development : assessing the outcomes of non-timber forest product trade on livelihoods and the environment, with special emphasis on the damar agroforests in Sumatra, Indonesia
K. Kusters (2009), p. viii, 233
25  download 128775 Proefschrift: The polycentric metropolis unpacked : concepts, trends and policy in the Randstad Holland
B. Lambregts (2009), p. 208
26  download 133473 Proefschrift: Struggling for peace : understanding Polish-Ukrainian coexistence in southeast Poland (1943-2007)
R.N.M. Lehmann (2009), p. X, 192
27  download 124687 Proefschrift: Constructing mosques : the governance of Islam in France and the Netherlands
M.J.M. Maussen (2009), p. 293
28  download 152251 Proefschrift: Killing the snake of poverty : local perceptions of poverty and well-being and people’s capabilities to improve their lives in the Southern Andes of Peru
A. Miyashita (2009), p. xiv, 210
29  download 145634 Proefschrift: Communicating anti-racism
F. Müller (2009), p. 210
30  download 135831 Proefschrift: Access to comprehensive prevention of mother-to-child transmission program : obstacles and implications
T.A. Nguyen (2009), p. 196