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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2007

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31  download 48212 Proefschrift: Attentional components of postural control
M.L.T.M. Müller (2007), p. 128
32   Proefschrift: Childless in Bangladesh : suffering and resilience among rural and urban women
P. Nahar (2007), p. 292
33  download 47062 Proefschrift: Presence and the design of trust
C.I.M. Nevejan (2007)
34  download 39647 Proefschrift: Establishing sense and reference in discourse comprehension
M.S. Nieuwland (2007), p. 157
35  download 51516 Proefschrift: Thinking about feeling : the nature and significance of the hot/cold empathy gap
L.F. Nordgren (2007), p. 144
36  download 155296 Proefschrift: Context Matters. A Social Informatics Perspective on the Design and Implications of Large-Scale e-Government Systems.
A.-M. Oostveen (2007)
37  download 48211 Proefschrift: Collaborative mathematical investigations with the computer : learning materials and teacher help
M.H.J. Pijls (2007), p. 120
38  download 45383 Proefschrift: Dorbeck is alles! : thema's, motieven en compositie in enkele romans en verhalen van W.F. Hermans, bezien vanuit de theorie van René Girard over navolging, rivaliteit en zondebokmechanisme
S. Pos (2007), p. 270
39   Proefschrift: How to be a 'real' gay : emerging gay spaces in small-town South Africa
G.C. Reid (2007), p. 242
40   Proefschrift: Audience reactions toward the intertwining of advertisement and editorial content
E.A. van Reijmersdal (2007), p. 155