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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2002

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11  download 66249 Proefschrift: The state, the crisis of state institutions and refugee migration in the Horn of Africa : the cases of Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia
W.A. Degu (2002), p. 294
12  download 66529 Proefschrift: Transfer and interference in skill acquisition
B. Dekker (2002), p. 86
13  download 63551 Proefschrift: Journalists in The Netherlands
M.J.P. Deuze (2002)
14  download 421 Proefschrift: Decision making about waste facilities. an analysis of reactions of local residents in a risk society
J.L.A. Devilee (2002), p. 259
15  download 86122 Proefschrift: Sharing a Valley. The changing relations between agriculturalists and pastoralists in the Niger Valley of Benin
A. van Driel (2002)
16  download 61946 Proefschrift: Computational approaches to affective processes : evolutionary and neural perspectives
P. den Dulk (2002), p. 128
17  download 61636 Proefschrift: Burnout among teachers : theoretical setting, top-down innovation, and social relations
W.J.G. Evers (2002), p. 191
18  download 63992 Proefschrift: Maten van succes bij ouderen: Gezondheid, aanpassing en sociaal welbevinden
M. von Faber (2002), p. 196
19  download 530892 Proefschrift: Instructing primary school children in deriving word meaning from written context
R.G. Fukkink (2002), p. 157
20  download 61960 Proefschrift: Contingent workers: Women in two industries in Mumbai
N. Gandhi, N. Shah (2002), p. 316